When it comes to the management and delivery of high-end projects, Michael Mansvelt Design is a leader. This is attributed to the energetic mix of talent, international experience, and vision amongst our team which drives the company forward, working with clients on a range of successful projects nationwide. It is also the diversity of our specialist in-house service, offering full Design Services, Client Brief Establishment, liaison between design teams, Furniture Fittings & Equipment Management, Design Management, Project Management and Contract Administration. We are proud of the long-standing relationships established over several years, and have clients return to us with confidence. Our success is based on our past achievements.


Unified Team

We approach design and construction as a unified team, and believe our blended expertise makes us more innovative, insightful designers.

Integrated Process

The decision to act as project manager was fuelled by the desire to build our projects with the same rigor with which they were designed. Careful attention is paid to each phase of the design and construction process.

Greater Control

Our unique capabilities enable us to have complete control over the execution of the design concept, from the development of the first sketch through the end of construction.